Red Style 582 1950s Petticoats

Malco Modes Style 582 Luxury Chiffon Rock n Roll Petticoats £51.00

Luxurious nylon chiffon 40 yard double layer petticoat with 120 yards of 3" ruffling that trims the hemline, adding more volume to your outfit. Dancers love the 582 - it is a very popular Square Dance or Rockabilly Petticoat with extra fullness.

MALCO Petticoat

Malco Modes Style 582
40 Yard Red 1950s Petticoat with 3" Ruffling

The length of this petticoat is adjustable by re-threading the elastic in a choice of channels to make it 1" and 2" shorter.

One size waist is adjustable by moving the button on the elastic. (Fits up to 46 inch hips).

Available in 23 inch length


23 inch Malco 582 Petticoat    


Please note that our red 582 petticoats are a darker shade than our red belts.

Chiffon petticoats wash and wear well making them the perfect choice for regular dancers. They are much more comfortable to wear than scratchy net petticoats. Nylon chiffon is a synthetic fabric and so requires gentle washing. Fabric softener will help to reduce static. Drip-dry. Do not tumble-dry!

There are no rules about how long the petticoat should be - it's personal preference. Some ladies like their petticoats the same length or longer than their skirt whereas some buy them 2" shorter to make sure they don't show until dancing. All our adult petticoats have 3 channels so the elastic can be re-threaded to change the length, e.g. this 23" 582 petticoat can be worn as 23", 22" or 21" giving plenty of flexibility to get the look you want. You can also sit the petticoat just below the skirt waistband if you want it to appear a little longer.